Case introduction

Market driven product

The melt blown non-woven is a kind of polymer extrusion method, which can be good used in the fields of medical health, isolation, filtration, heat preservation, sound insulation, environmental protection and so on.
Especially in recent years, haze, water pollution, such as the challenges posed by the living environment, people are willing to make more investment in health, including isolation and filtration of functional development of materials. For example, the market already set for more highly stander to product,which has radiation protection, antibacterial, water repellency, comfort and environmental friendly and others Characteristics
We need new material, new equipment and a new process to meet this stander.

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  • Analysis of 7000mm super wide three layer die co-extrusion technology

    With the continual upgrade of new material and the match of the process,especially the technical progress of multi-layer co-extrusion die and the improvement of the extrusion process was accelerating the development of the function co-extrusion film.Multi-layer co-extrusion casting can be divided into feed block co-extrusion and Multi-layer co-extrusion, the second method have special advantage to accuracy and multi-layer percent. It can further meet the film's multi function and market test, will be the major direction of the future.

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  • Multi-layer co-extrusion blown die

    From 2 years ago, we had set a blown die technology break through team, and make a lot of testing. Study the defects of blown die at the start point, from process, raw material character to study, and get the breakthrough finally, finds the high-end customized solutions.

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  • Fast opening device,save your time

    Die is made up with the upper die and lower die. The openness between both die is depended the out thickness. Both upper and lower die can adjust the lip gap,but the wide range of adjustment is usually regulated by the lower die.

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  • Multi-layer co-extrusion die with high-end manufacture

    The multi-layer technology is mainly divided into two methods: one is feed block co-extrusion. The other is multi-layer co-extrusion.
    Compared with feed block, the multi-layer co-extrusion is more appropriate with high required composite uniformity accuracy, the super thin composite surface and two materials with large process temperature difference.

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  • Coating technology can enhance the functionality of film

    Film cast is coating a layer of special Material to base material.So the ask of thickness and precision of the coating layer is very high. In the practical operation, uneven or bad coating will affect the use value of function film.Our latest research and development of coating die system, was designed by our R & D department ,the new design completely avoids the formation of air bubbles, the flexible and convenient mode of operation provide the most powerful technical support for customers to ensure the stable and efficient production.

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  • Seven layer coextrusion high barrier cast film production line

    This seven layer co extrusion high barrier casting extrusion production line main equipped with 1 set of 80 mm extruder machine ,6 sets of 60mm extruder machine, 1 set of 90mm wrapping extruder machine, weight loss automatic weighing system; with the self production of 2800mm seven layer coextrusion auto die head, air knife system.

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