Static Mixers

Static mixer can improve the consistency of melt plasticization and temperature,decrease or even eliminate color deviation of melt and surface spherulite.


· The static mixer deals with mixing of at least 2 steams of melt with high efficiency and low energy consumption.
· The processing rates ranges from 15 cm /h to 5000 cm /h.
· Applied to various industries including chemical and fine chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, plastic,etc.
· Adopting superior and highly-polished stainless steel with strong mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.
· Mixers are available in X type and S type depending on the application.
· Both types provide excellent thermal stability.

X Type static mixer

Melt through the X type static mixer will be divided into several strands,.The melt strands then constantly cross each other and mix sufficiently.

S type static mixer

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