Sheet / Foil Dies

Sheet die series and co-extrusion feed block,indcluding dies for producing optical sheet,light guide plate,stationery sheet,board for producing refrigerator and bathtub,PVC foamed board and so on.


Our independently-developed monolayer/multilayer coextrusion composite sheet/board die can perfectly meets with demands of customized production,from optical sheet with 0.1mm thickness to over-thick board with 50mm thickness.

Fast Lip Open System

Fast lip open system will shorten the thickness adjustment time apparently, compared to ordinary adjustment time which is around 20 minutes, the fast lip open system can finish the adjustment within 2 minutes without halting the line.

External Deckle System

· Continuous on-line adjustment of different widths,including internal deckle and external deckle according to different polymers and die structure.And it also can be customized based on special application requirement.
· Better roller approximation with internal deckle,more easily to be disassembled. Can be adjusted on line and works at high temperature.

Optical Sheet Automatic Control Die

· Combining automatic fine-tuning device and multi-layer coextrusion technology, improves the precision and the thickness adjustment error is controlled within ±1%.
· Design the flow channel according to the polymer analysis to get uniform and steady melt flow.
· Receiving feedback from thickness gauge,through computer controlling and automatic fine-tuning,achieves continuous adjustment and optimizes the transverse evenness of product thickness.
· Dedicated sharp design for die lip,shortens the distance from die lip and shaping roller and gets high-quality product.

PVC Foamed Sheet / Board Die

· Adopting high-quality alloy steel,coat-hanger flow channel and unique design of restrictor-bar without dead corner, effectively overcome the corrosivity of PVC. It can be co-extruded through feed block to get perfect composite foamed board.
· Special design for the flow channel and die lip, suitable for different types of foamed materials.
· Die lip temperature control unit, ensures to get foamed board with different foam rates.
· Can produce co-extruded foamed board,with rigid surface layer and foamed inner layer.

Stripe die series

Through special flow channel design and multi-layer co-extrusion feed block, can get multi-layer product with combination of different widths and colors.


Different die structures will be designed for different ways of installation.

Product Parameters

Specification:max width at 8000mm, thickness can reach 50-60mm. Can be customized. Copyright © 2016 JCtimes
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