Film Dies

Cast film die series,including dies for producing CPP/CPE film,stretching film,breathable film,barrier film,etc.


More than 35,000 extrusion dies have been sold to 8,000 end users directly or indirectly from more than 30 countries and areas.

Precise Manufacturing

· Advanced European integrated machining center can meet the processing of any inclined and curved surface,one-time forming with spindle 360° rotating.Length error of 5000mm extrusion die is fixed within ±3μm.
· Alloy steel for die production: P20,2714,2311,SUS420/630,5CrNiMo,etc.
· Die surface treatment can be proceeded with nickel alloy,tungsten carbide,hard chrome and nano diamond alloy.
For chrome- plated thickness,it is from 0.02 to 0.05mm,hardness is HV900-1000.
· For special requirement for high-quality die lip,it can be processed with tungsten carbide with lip closed angle at R0.03mm.
· Engineers with more than 10 years of woking experience strictly focus on each production detail.
· International highly-ranked instruments such as Vickers hardness tester,chrome-plated thickness gauge,optical non-contact detector provide accurate testing data.
· KUNZ straightness detector is used to verify staightness tolerance of die lip with high precision and efficiency.
For 1000mm standard extrusion die,tolerance is within ±0.02mm;
For 1000mm precise coating die,tolerance is within ±0.002mm.

Automatic Die

· Automatic die can conduct automatic fine-tuning by the thermal expansion bolt when receives accurate feedback from thickness gauge.
· There is heat insulation device installed between thermal expansion bolt and die body, reducing heat conduction.
· The independent air cooling system optimizes the response time,very suitable for production of low-temperature and heat-sensitive material.
· Efficiently and quckily controls product's absolute preciseness,with tolerance at ±1%.
· Internal or external deckle can be equipped selectively.

7-layer co-extrusion high barrier cast film die

Through co-extrusion multi-layer cast film production technology,we can add high-end and functional elements to traditional plastic film,which can meet with high-barrier request from packaging industry for food,medicine and electric products.The multi-layer co-extrusion high barrier cast film has perfect barrier property such as moisture resistance,fragrance holding,oil resistance,boiling resistance and meanwhile,it possesses heat sealability.
· Through the flexible adjustment of feed block,each layer's uniformity and percentage can be well controlled.
· Our automatic die qualifies with the highest processing flexibility and the shortest switching time for different product standards.
· The unique edge sealing structure and edge covering design helps to save raw material thus save the cost.

Product Parameters

Our die can be made to produce thinnest film at 0.5μm,maximum die width at 10000mm.
Traditional die width For CPP/CPE film:2000mm,2500mm,3000mm,3500mm,3600mm,4500mm,5000mm,5500mm,6000mm or customized.


Packaging composite film,vacuum aluminum-plating film,stationery film,cooking film,high-barrier film,streching film and embossed film.
Widely used in health,medical,construcion,electron,battery and automobile industry.The final products include diaper,medical protective article,protective clothing,roof protective material and breathable water-proof material. Copyright © 2016 JCtimes
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