Precision rotary screen changer

Precision rotary screen changer can proceed the screen change effectively and fast.It can keep stable pressure, decrease and consumption of material and promote the benefit.

Precision rotating filter

As for the good connectivity of Goodee precision rotating filter, it is not only used for recycling of used-material, but also applied in the advanced automatic producing line.The rotating filter can effectively and automatically change the screen faster, maintain the stability of normal pressure, reduce raw material consumption and improve efficiency.
Efficient filtering,0.01μm manufacturing technology, free of leakage;
Large filtering area design, constant pressure filtration, suitable for high yield and stable production
The unique design can ensure stable pressure during the screen change,controlling the pressure fluctuation within 0.05 Mpa. Effectively decreases the rate of defective products.
Intelligent operation by computer technology,realizing the man-machine interaction.The rapid and sensitive reaction speed is especially suitable for precision production line.
Energy-saving new concept with a brand-new closed body design,which reduces the energy loss, improves the yield,product quality and production safety.


· Especially suitable for production line such as board,sheet, film,tube,wiredrawing,optical cable,electric cable and so on.
· Output:100-1500Kg
· Maximum operating pressure: within 30Mpa,at the upstream side.
· Mesh precision,30-400μm
· Screen area,600-1500mm
· Pressure fluctuation during screen change, below 0.05Mpa.

Technical advantages

· Continuous rotating filtration,suitable for all of the thermoplastics.
· High pressure endurance,no pressure vibration.
· Patented flexible sealing system,the sealing force will get stronger when the pressure goes up,thus completely eliminate leakage.
· With optimal flow channel design in terms of rheology as well as evenly designed screen layout,realizing twice filtering area as much as that of normal filters.
· High degree of automation,not only suitable for recycling processing,but also can be applied in all kinds of high-level automatic lines. Copyright © 2016 JCtimes
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