Slide plate screen changer series

By a whole pack of filtering components,unmelted particles and other impurities will be cleared away. Stainless screen is the important part.

Single slide plate double working station screen changer

· Ring-shaped heater,getting consistent and stable heating.
· Leak-free operation and fast shift screen changes.
· Flexible sealing device,suitable for processing a wide variety of polymers in high output and connecting with extruders with different standards.
· Screen changing time whthin 2 seconds,screen dia.ranges from 70mm to 450mm.
· The stainless screen is designed with high precision,wear resistance and pressure resistance.
· For operating pressure,below 25Mpa and for temperature,below 300℃.

Operation Guidance

· Preheat the screen changer to the proper processing temperature before start up the whole line.
· When melt goes through one of the the screen cavity and reaches the predetermined pressure difference,the screen change will be triggered.
· During the screen change, the screen cavity is removed hydraulically,indexing the other one into operation.When the plate stop shifting,the protection shield will be opened.Using the related tool to quickly remove the unmelted particles and impurities, take out the used screen and put a new one.

Technical Advantages

There are two cavities in this type of screen changer,applicable for production asking for low-frequency screen change.
Without halting the production during screen change.

Single plate four working stations screen changer

· This type of screen changer is lauched only by our company,especially fit for processing heat-sensitive polymer.
· The advantage is the function of pre-filling before screen change.There are four independent screen cavities and exhausting holes.Before the screen plate enters into service position,the air in the melt will be eliminated.
· There are seveal models to select,or customozied.

Technical advantage

There are four square-shaped filter screen supporting plates.The hydraulic station will supply power to push each plate into working station in order. The feature of this type of screen changer is the compact interface with extruder.

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