Plastic melt gear pump

Plastic Melt Gear Pump

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Plastic Melt Gear Pump

Plastic melt gear pump becomes more and more important in extrusion technology,especially in high-end product industries,such as high-quality sheet, pipe, BOPP film,optical cable and so on.

Technical advantages

Installing a melt gear pump in the extrusion line can keep the production constant and efficient. The melt pump can improve the product quality,stablize the production and decrease the energy consumption.
Adopting Die Flow 3D dynamic melt rheological analysis software as well as UG,Pro Engineer and 3D modeling software to simulate the melt rheology and make sure to get uniform and stable melt.

Graphs of inlet and outlet pressure of melt pump

P1 is for inlet pressure, P2 is outlet pressure, △P is the pressure differential

Product features

· Supply the melt flow fast and stably.
It eliminates the pulsing waves from extruder.Thus improves the product quality as well as reduces the waste of raw materials by as much as 2%.
· Control the pressure steadily and efficiently
The melt pump controls a steady melt pressure to shorten the discharging time and increase the production speed.
· Increase the output
It has been proved that the max pressure fluctuation is at the outlet of melt pump after installing the pump.Thus the extruder inner pressure will decrease,so is the melt shear strength and temperature rising.Besides, melt pump will protect extruder and other parts from damage due to high pressure.

Plastic melt pump

· Widely applied to meter many kinds of plastic melts with high or low viscosity and to boost pressure.
· Applicable materials: PC,PMMA,ABS,PET,PVB,PS,PP,PE,etc.
· Housing is is made of alloy steel such as chrome-nickel alloy,nickel-based alloy and tantalum alloy.
· Gear is made of quenching chromium steel and bearing is made of graphite,NIAG,Zirconia or quenched tool steel. Copyright © 2016 JCtimes
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