Breaking new technology to create core competitiveness

After several years of continuous investment,with the Europe surface treatment expert technical team and co-efforts, "nanoscale diamond alloy " super wear-resistant surface treatment technology is test success in the JCtimes  surface treatment center. As a new technology project of surface treatment , JCtimes is the second in the global industry, the only one to achieve this technology in domestic.

Nanoscale Diamond Alloy Surface Coating Technology have good chemical stability, thermal conductivity, thermal stability and wear resistance etc. It can solve the adhesion of die surface coat layer,uniform coat and the fineness of coat surface and other key technology problem,to realize the non-wear performance of inner die in theory.In practical application, nanoscale diamond coating can make the die surface hardness up to HV900 1000, the wear resistance of the hard chromium plating is more than three times, the coating thickness in the range of 0.01 - 0.03mm, die lip sharpe reaches R0.02mm, which means that for high-end film production enterprises, even clean up the die lip and the cavity frequently, it will not scratch the die flow surface, extended the service life of the die head.


At the same time, JCtimes with a Japanese company to develop the surface of the mold lip tungsten carbide processing technology is also successfully. Based on the original electroplating on the die lip the tungsten carbide spray treatment, make the hardness of plating layer to reach HV1100-1300, it is better in hardness than Chrome plating and nickel plating.
The surface finish between 0.01 - 0.02um, dies lip sharpe reached R0.01mm, with a wear-resistant, low friction coefficient and other specifications, the optical film and other high-end die production field are highly recommended.

Implementation of the two technologies, it is another successful leap in the extrusion die on the upgrading of product quality for JCtimes, to create a new core competitiveness of enterprises, so that the die has higher precision, more strong cavity structure, can adapt to the application and production of high-end plastic raw materials, to provide more options services to high-end film production enterprises, the future will spread to all kinds of die production, achieve greater economic benefits.
The technology parameter of Nanoscale Diamond Alloy Surface Coating Technology:

Plating thickness range:   0.01-  0.03mm
Hardness :   HV900-1000
Wear resistance : three times more than hard chromium plating
Die lip angle:   R0.02 mm
Operating temperature:    under 350°C

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